The 7th FQM school, held at the University of Maryland January 15-19, 2024,  was focused on High Pressure Synthesis and Measurement, and included a combination of  fundamental materials synthesis instruction as well as lectures on experimental techniques and practices from an impressive list of invited speakers. Thanks to all participants for making it a grand success!!

The Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School and Workshop is an annual event unique to North America, dedicated specifically to the synthesis, characterization and electronic modeling of quantum materials. The FQM Winter School is aimed at providing fundamental training to our current and future generations of Quantum Materials scientists in synthesis and characterization techniques, bringing together senior and junior scientists to address topics at the forefront of current research into quantum materials, while also providing pedagogical background and practical training for junior scientists. With an interdisciplinary and diverse crowd including physicists, chemists, and materials scientists, participants gain a basic functional knowledge of how to plan and carry out synthesis relevant to the study of quantum materials, and experience a unique opportunity to interact with some of the top researchers in the field while networking with fellow peers. The structure of the school includes mornings of pedagogical lectures by ten of the nation's top practicing quantum materials scientists, with afternoons devoted to practical demonstrations in laboratories in the University of Maryland's Quantum Materials Center. The school also includes a poster session attended by senior scientists. The FQM Workshop, following the school event, covers current top research on quantum materials, focusing on synthesis, characterization and computational approaches to research of quantum materials such as superconductors, strongly correlated electron systems and topological materials. 

This newly released text -- put together by QMC faculty Paglione, Butch and Rodriguez -- brings together our lecturers most important ideas, practices and techniques in order to share their expertise with a broader audience, resulting in a modern compilation of fundamental and practical guides on the modern methods of quantum materials synthesis. Available now!